Zeta Psi - Alpha Pi Chapter

What Will Donations Be Used For?

At the Alpha Pi chapter at Virginia Tech, we pride ourselves in being one of the top chapters of Zeta Psi worldwide, having received both local and national recognition. At the 168th Annual Convention, we won Bronze for Most Outstanding Chapter of Zeta Psi. We are routinely in the running for the annual Comstock Award, given to the most traveled chapter. We have won multiple intramural championships during our time at Virginia Tech. And we pride ourselves for maintaining the best fraternity house in all of Blacksburg. All of these help us uphold a high level of distinction on campus.

In order to maintain this high level of distinction, we rely on our alumni and other charitable people to help us succeed. Because of the nature of our organization, active member dues can only fulfill short-term goals and expenses, while long-term projects require additional funding to help keep them on schedule. Since our inception, alumni have been an essential source of funds for major improvements of both the fraternity house and its future growth. This includes a newly built backyard fence, newly acquired trashcans, and more recreational assets, such as improved outdoor benches and tables. Large scale improvements would not be possible without the help of our most generous alumni, for example: the fence alone was fully paid for through alumni donations of over $6,000!

Make a Donation!

Donations Through Venmo

If you would like to make a donation to the Alpha Pi chapter, but cannot use PayPal, we also accept venmo, a service provided by PayPal. With venmo, you can easily send money to our treasurer, Drew Williamson. His venmo username is @zetully.

Venmo is available on the App Store as well as the Google Play store and is very easy to use. Simply download the app, add your payment information to it(such as a bank or credit card), and it will securely transfer the money to the treasurer's account.