There is no such thing as an inactive Zete and the alumni from our chapter have exemplified this since our founding. In addition to owning our chapter house and maintaining it, they provide a vast network of professionals and mentors. Alumni are welcome back to the house anytime they wish and are encouraged to come back for our annual Alumni Weekend!

Recently, we've taken many steps to reconnect with our alumni. One of the biggest steps we have made has been the establishment of an alumni newsletter. Within this newsletter, alumni can see firsthand what is happening in the chapter and what efforts their donations are contributing toward. We've realized that if we show what their donations go to, as well as what they will go to in the future, it establishes a much needed transparency between the chapter and its elders. Right now, our current long-term projects include replacing the first level floor of the fraternity house, installing better locks and cameras for improved household security, acquiring and installing a household monitor for the chapter room, purchasing and installing a new and more effective dumpster for the backyard, and many more! The completion of these projects will depend heavily on alumni contributions, while the active chapter will implement them. Please contact our Alumni Relation's chair, Adam Plato at, for more information.